Allergies - yep, doggies get them too!

I had a dog who had was loaded with allergies.  She passed away a few weeks ago at the age of twelve.  Through controlling her environment we controlled her allergies so that she did not have to have medication for them. I tried to control her allergies in 3 steps:

1.)For the inhalent allergies we used an air purifier.  I set this up in the room she was in the most.  It helped to take the pollens out of the air. (Living in FL those were the worst).
2.) Then she was fed Angergin I dog food by Wysong Industries.  They have different formulas, but it is made for dogs with allergies.  I had it delivered to my door.  Due to the fact that she couldn't have dog treats I use to give her bananas and apples and carrots!  She loved them. 
3.) Finally, I gave her distilled water.  The distilled water is the purest water you can get.  There are absolutely no chemicals in it. Some of you with dogs who have allergies might want to try some of these.  It might help you and your dog.  I know it made Tikki's life better and prednisone-free.
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Bess writes, Last year one of our moderators wrote of personal experiences her dogs had of bad reactions to shots and stings and suggested adding two syringes to a first aid kit  for home or traveling.

That was me, I always have 2 syringes loaded (by the vet) with Epinephrine for Kippin, as she is deathly allergic to Bee stings and all live and modified live vaccines.

Kippin started having reactions (swollen eyes, lips, hives) to the Lepto combination vacc. when she was about 2 years old. Each year I'd take her back for cortisone and benadryl treatment a few hrs after her vaccines were given. (they say with each reaction, the next will become worse) When she was 6 years old, the reaction became so severe she wound up at a referral specialty hospital in ICU for 11 days and almost died from her vaccines.  The cost to "treat" her in order to save her life was $5,000.  She has not received ANY vaccines in the last 4 yrs and we have titers done every year. All tests show high immunity.  As a result of this severe insult to her body, she no longer has an adequate immune system and suffers from many autoimmune disorders/diseases.

Meesha is also allergic to the Lepto vacc. and had a reaction as a puppy. She no longer receives it and last year we did titers and she too had adequate levels of protection at 3 yrs old. We will continue to run titers every year.

Titer tests are a blood test that tells you the level of immunity towards a particular disease (parvo, distemper, etc.) The lab has a specific level which they determine is "safe" against the disease, and if the blood tests at or above that level, your dog is considered protected.
Kathy Thom

Here is a repeat of some info on Epi pens vs Epi shots.
Some have questioned if the shot is better or the Epi-pen is better. My Vet said all Epi is the same whether its in a shot with a needle or in a pen. Its just the different way it's administered.  She also said where people are getting in trouble with the Epi not working is that it ALWAYS has to be refrigerated. People are fooling themselves with the Epi-pens by not refrigerating them. Yes, under that instance the drug expires before the date, or its ineffective. Epi has a very short shelf life if its not refrigerated. It also needs to be kept out of direct light.

If Kippin gets stung by a bee (she is deathly allergic), 3/4 ml. is what I use for her, it goes by the weight of the dog and different strengths of serums have different dosages. Ask your vet about this product before using it, it is not intended for use unless the dog is allergic to bee stings. The Vet gave me two shots ready to go, with the proper amount filled in each dose.  First shot is sub-Q, if I don't see any results, then the second is intra muscular. This only allows me to have time to go to the vet, it is NOT a cure. Kippin will still needs immediate medical care if she gets stung by a bee, because she is deathly allergic to bee stings and could go into Anaphylactic shock. Having the Epi at home and stored properly, could save her life.

Those of you going to dog shows should also carry an ice chest for your epi-shots/pens. It doesn't take long for the serum to be become ineffective in warm weather.

Knock on wood...Kippin has NOT been stung by a bee in 4 years! She's never left alone outdoors.<smile>
Best wishes,
Kathy Thom