Neonatal Conjunctivitis

Please do not attempt to open your puppies eyes or treat an eye problem without first consulting your vet.

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This is an infection of the eyes that occurs before the eyelids are open.  Pus may drain from the corner of the eyes or accumulate behind the eyelids and cause an apparent swelling.  Treatment includes opening the eyelids, cleaning the eyes, and treating with appropriate antibiotics.  The cause may be poor sanitation or infection acquired during whelping, or it may be secondary to another infection.

I had it happen to me in one of my first litters.  I was shocked and dismayed.  My whelping room was as clean as an operating room.  My bitch was clean as a whistle before the whelping and after.  I didn’t have the experience to “open” the eye lids but what I did was very gently wash the puppies eyes with cotton swabs and warm water.  I noticed that the pus was oozing from a particular corner of the eye so would ever so gently wipe in that direction.  I did this many times a day and went through many cotton balls. Once the pups eyes opened it was much easier and it cleared up without the use of antibiotics or the help of a vet in a short period of time.

Vicki Stephens
Empire Miniature Schnauzers