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Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Inflammatory bowel disease is often caused by stress, allergies and a difficulty digesting food. Generally symptoms include diarrhea, loss of weight and lethargy.  I have a 6 year old male with this, he had several loose bowels movements a day and it was as though food just ran through him.  We tried showing him for awhile, but it became too embarrassing,  just the drive and going into the building caused many 'bouts of diarrhea ringside!

I did take Bud off of dry food, and put him on a diet of about 3/4 pulped vegetables (for fiber) with canned pumpkin (which helps immensely with firming the stool).  Since Jeff had not had him on a raw diet, I lightly cooked his meat at first. I also used these supplements:

(Bud is 110 pounds)

1.  1/8 cup aloe vera juice
2.  2,000 mg l-glutamine (an amino acid that helps heal the gut)
3.  400 IU's vitamin E (also for healing and immune support)
4.  1/2 teaspoon freshly chopped garlic (for immunity and digestion)
5.  Probiotic Powder-for replacing the good flora and fauna lost by the diarrhea
6.  Di Acid Dim- a digestive enzyme to help break down nutrients in food
7.  1,000 mgs fish oil cap
8.  Yucca Intensive-liquid yucca herb, for inflammation of the gut-one drop per 10# daily
9.  Enteric coated peppermint-soothes spasms in the intestine, especially during stress times
10.  kelp and alfalfa-to help replace lost minerals through the diarrhea
11.  For veggies, use mostly carrots, apples are also good for diarrhea.  Put some cabbage in, it helps with healing the gut, and nausea.
12.  In the beginning, give three small meals a day.

Bud is still on the diet, but he no longer needs the l-glutamine, yucca, aloe vera juice or peppermint.  He does get diarrhea now if he eats dog food, I don't think he digests that well, and I suspect that was part of the cause of him getting this.  He is a high strung dog though, I tend to see this more in active dogs.

Lastly, the good news, we were able to show him again, and he did finish his championship!  I hope this helps,

Lew Olson

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