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by Dan Kiedrowski
P.O. Drawer A
La Honda, CA  94020
(This outstanding book is frequently available at dog 
shows in the book vendor booths.)

The Book of the Miniature Schnauzer
by Anna Katherine Nicholas
T.F.H. Publications, Inc.
211 West Sylvania Avenue
Neptune, NJ  07753

You and Your Schnauzer

by Dan Kiedrowski
(same address as above)

Schnauzer Shorts

published by Dan Kiedrowski
(same address as above)

AKC Miniature Schnauzer Videocassette

American Kennel Club
5580 Centerview Drive
Raleigh, NC  27690

Other publications:
Breed-specific information published by the American Miniature Schnauzer Club
contact Amy Gordon, 
802 Upland Rd., 
West Palm Beach, FL  33401
AMSC Public Awareness Chairperson

The New Miniature Schnauzer (2nd Edition) by Dan Kiedrowski  
The Complete Miniature Schnauzer
by Anne Eskrigge  
The Book of the Miniature Schnauzer
by Anna Katherine Nicholas (T.F.H.)
Miniature Schnauzers Today
by Peter Newman 
The World of Schnauzers
by Jon Gallant 

The Book of All Terriers
by John Marvin 

Health/Veterinary Handbooks:

Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook
by Carlson & Giffin 
Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Dogs & Cats
(by Editors of Prevention Mag) (Bantam)
Canine Clinic: The Complete Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment of Your Dog's Health Problems
by Anna P. Clarke  (out of print but check with local library)
The Management of Diabetes Mellitus
by J.W. Simpson   

The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog
by Anne Seranne 
Canine Reproduction
- A Breeder's Guide by Phyllis Holst, DVM  
Veterinary Notes for Dog Breeders
by Annette Carricato, VMD 

Anatomy & Movement:
The Dog in Action
by McDowell Lyon 
   (author unknown)

Conformation Showing:
How to Show Your Own Dog
by Virginia Tuck Nichols (TFH)
Winning with Purebred Dogs: Success by Design
by Dr. A. Grossman 
The Winning Edge: Show Ring Secrets
by George Alston 

Obedience & Sport:

Successful Obedience Handling
by Barbara Handler 
Beyond Basic Training
by Diane Baumann 
Toward the Ph.D. for Dogs
by Martin & Chagnon 
Sport with Terriers
by Patricia Lent 

Therapy Dogs:
Therapy Dogs
by Kathy D. Davis 

The Intelligence of Dogs
by Stanley Coren 
The Hidden Life of Dogs
by Elizabeth M. Thomas 
Animals as Teachers & Healers
by Susan C. McElroy 
The Dog Who Loved Too Much
by Dr. Nicholas Dodman 
The Toolbox for Remodeling Your Problem Dog
by Terry Ryan  
The Dog I.Q. Test
by Melissa Miller 
Dog Psychology  
by Leon Whitney, DVM 
The Dog's Mind
by Bruce Fogle  

NUTRITION - Natural Diet:
Keep Your Pet Healthy the Natural Way
by Pat Lazarus  
Give  Your Dog a Bone
by Ian Billinghurst  
Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats
by Richard Pitcairn, DVM, Ph.D. and Susan H. Pitcairn,  
Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog
by Volhard/Brown 
The Ultimate Diet - Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats
by Kymythy Schultze