We wanted to include this posting from fellow member Karen Meyer after having to help her dog to the Rainbow Bridge.  It clearly demonstrates one of our list's greatest strengths, and that is the wonderful togetherness that we all feel towards other listers and their four pawed friends.  Let us hope that we as a list never lose this, since this is what makes us special.

Subj:    Thanks Too Small a Word
Date:   4/8/00 3:45:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:   kennkare@earthlink.net (Karen Meyer)

We read each and every one of your 70+ emails about our loss. You truly saved our sanity over the past week, both with the decision about what was best for Fritz and when we came home to an empty house Thursday night. Although someone wrote that the list had too many one-liners (and many not in the interest of improving "our" breed)...we simply must say how much your messages improved our sagging spirits. (By the way, only about 15% were posted through the list; most came to us directly.)

At first, Ken wanted me to unsub from the list, thinking that hearing about everyone else's schnauzers would make me too sad. However, the outpouring of love, the stories about healthy, happy furkids, and even about the ones already at the Bridge waiting for Fritz to come play--these all helped so, so much.

Wish we had time & energy to write to each of you individually, but you know who you are:  the most caring bunch of "friends without faces" we could ever hope to meet! Ken and I say "thank you"...'though the word on the monitor looks much too small for the depth of emotion it contains.

Karen Meyer
Lake Orion MI