Special Events

This page will list special events that take place for the Hoflin MS Email listers, such as the recent Midwest Schnauzer Walk.  Please send items of interest to Kennalea

 Thank you.



Schnauzer Walk


Events and Contacts

Schnauzer Love Rescue  City and Date to be announced

Marty Morgan  Schluv4u2@bellsouth.net


Ohio - Cincinnati -  SFRA's Midwest SchnauzerFest City and Date to be announced

Nancy Vogt   www.sfra.net


Oregon - Oregon City Schnauzer Walk  & Hoflin reunion

Gwen Mulheron  DareeSch@AOL.com


Texas Dallas Schnauzer Roundup   Lone Star Miniature Schnauzer Club of Dallas, Inc.   City and Date to be announced

Evelyn Hoover  ehoover105@aol.com