Cindy Stoll

Hi, my name is Cindy Stoll, and I'm one of your Miniature Schnauzer Moderators. I'm married to Charley, and we have both lived in Kansas all our lives. We have one daughter, Heidi, and 2 granddaughters, Kimberly & Jessica.

We got our first schnauzer 11 years ago. We met & fell in love with my friend's black schnauzer, and decided that was the breed of dog we wanted. It took us awhile to get one from a reputable breeder, but we found the one that was just right for us. It was a wait well worth it!

We have 4 pet schnauzers; Cricket (black), Georgie (black), Wolfie (s/p), Vinnie (b/s), We also have two schnauzers that have completed their AKC requirements for Championship; Ch. Daree's Angel Dancin' Prancer (black) & Ch. Sugarbud's Val'ntine Sugar Khandi (b/s). We bred Prancer to Kennalea's boy Bounder, Daree's Starbound Back in Black, & have 2 beautiful little show prospects waiting in the wings. :o)

We have three pet shih tzu, Chubbles, Ana and Toby. And a darling shih tzu mix, Barney. Please don't let anyone tell you 'mix' breeds (aka designer breeds) are better than purebred as Barney has seizures & PRA (he will eventually go blind from it).

We are involved in rescue, both mini schnauzer & shih tzu. It is so good to know that we can help & rehome some of these little darlings. The joy it brings to the doggie & new owner is worth the heartache of giving up a foster.

I belong to the AMSC and all our pets are just that, pets & are altered. Some of our pets are rescues that for one reason or another, were not adoptable & we kept. They all sleep in bed with us at night. We really need a bigger bed, but we wouldn't trade off our furbabies for anything!

I hope this helps you get to "know" me. :)


Updated 12/18/06