Kennalea Bolton Pratt

My name is Kennalea, and I am a second generation "dog woman".   I come by my love of dogs naturally as I was my mom's helper back in the 40s and 50s.  I am grateful that she kindled the fire that still burns in me this day to breed and show the best.

As a young adult, I discovered miniature schnauzers.  I raised an orphan pet mini, and "there I went"!  Within a year, we purchased our first show mini, a son of Ch. Skyrocket's Uproar.  That would have been right around 1970, and it wasn't long before we were having some sweet success in the whelping box and in the show ring under our own STARBOUND logo.  It hardly seems possible that my history in minis goes back over thirty years.  How can that be when I'm still so young.  <vbg>

At any rate, I retired from the show ring in the 80's due to a divorce, a return to college, and a subsequent new career.  And in the meantime, I was raising my two daughters (now grown): Stephanie, a social worker; and Kristin, an elementary teacher on sabbatical while she stays home with my three grandchildren: Emily who is six, young Kalem who is four, and little Larkin who was born last spring (2001).  

I am a single grandmother now, having been happily divorced for many years.    I earn my living as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.   For many years I worked directly with children in alternative (foster) care and their families.   More recently I specialized in child abuse and neglect investigations.   In April 1998, I began the latest phase in my work life when I moved on to supervision of a group of social workers doing what I like best, working with foster children and their families.   I love this area of social work and feel so blessed to have been a part of it.  Not everyone is so fortunate as to be paid to do the very thing they love.  As is no doubt obvious, I have a passionate commitment to the welfare of children!

So how did I get back into breeding and showing?  Here's the story.  In 1995, my last old mini champion died - and my daughter insisted that my home was not a home without a dog.  At the time I felt that I did not want another mini and I knew I did not want any more show dogs as I felt that part of my life was behind me - so I purchased a well-bred sheltie from some breeder friends.   It seemed that I was wrong about show dogs as it was only a matter of months until that sheltie pup and I were "at the shows".   And at the shows, I found out that I was also wrong about not wanting another mini.   I found myself watching the mini ring whenever possible.  

And then I went online, very much the internet newbie, where I happened across the mini schnauzer bulletin board on Prodigy.  And THAT was the real beginning of my return to miniature schnauzers.  With lots of encouragement from my online friends, I began the search for the perfect new foundation bitch. 

In 1997, I flew to Salem, Oregon to meet Gwen Mulheron of DAREE Miniature Schnauzers and her newly finished champion bitch, Daree's Talkin' A Blue Streak.  When I left Oregon, I took with me the gorgeous "Gabby" and the forever friendship of my wonderful friend, Gwen!!!!  I spent the better part of two years finding "Gabby" and the next two years looking at every likely sire in the United States hoping to find one that exactly complemented her.   In January of 2000, "Gabby" presented us with six gorgeous puppies out of Ch. Repitition's Cornerstone.   Four are headed for the show ring if luck is with us.  In fall 2000, I had the pleasure of watching a new generation of STARBOUND BABIES in the show ring.  It's very heartwarming to see Gabby's babies and my black show boy, Daree's Starbound Back In Black, carrying my STARBOUND logo into the future. 

The last four years have been a LOT of fun.  I've rejoined the American Miniature Schnauzer Club and my local Ozark All-Breed Kennel Club.  I've found a place to make myself useful on the AMSC Urinary Health Committee and am looking forward to working on other AMSC projects.  I've enjoyed renewing old friendships and making wonderful new ones!  In 1997 I became Co-Moderator of the Hoflin Miniature Schnauzer List and have been part of the MOD SQUAD ever since.

Because of all the wonderful friends along the way, STARBOUND THE 2nd TIME AROUND has been even more fun that it was the first!  And being part of this list is definitely one of the reasons that I've enjoyed myself so much.  Few things outside of my dogs have been as pleasurable as my association with YOU, THE LIST FRIENDS!!  In addition to our online friendships, it seems that where ever I go, there you are!  Getting to know you has been so much fun!  If you come through Springfield, Missouri, drop by and visit a while; or watch for me at the dog shows where I'll be wearing my SCHNAUZERS ONLINE list pin prominently displayed.  I'll be looking forward to meeting YOU!!!!!


        Kennalea & the Starbound Minis

        Springfield, MO, USA


"Emmie & Her Grannie KK"
Cheers, Kennalea
Co-Moderator of the 
Hoflin List since 1997

Updated 2/15/02