Lynn Tamms

Hi,  I'm Lynn Tamms.  I'm originally from the St. Louis, MO area, but moved "up north" to Oshkosh, WI in 1975.  I've had dogs and cats all my life.  The first dog that was really mine was a black American Cocker Spaniel that I got when I was 12.  I trained him to ride on a merry-go-round, slide down a slide and walk up a teeter totter.  Little did I know that this was just a prelude to Agility competition which is my latest doggie related passion.

I got my first miniature schnauzer in 1970.  His name was Sidney. My aunt & uncle had two minis and I fell in love with the breed.  After Sidney died, I went looking for a dog that I could train and show.  My thought was to do conformation and I selected a dog from Sharon Piette, a  breeder here in Wisconsin.  When Timmy's teeth went "south" and he grew to be 15 1/2 inches tall, I was devastated.  A good friend suggested I try Obedience and I was hooked.  Timmy achieved his American & Canadian CDX.  Over the years I've owned 3 breed champions, CH Hillock Hocus Pocus, UD (Higgins was the 10th miniature schnauzer in the history of the breed to have a championship and a UD),  CH Hillock Renaissance, CDX aka Wren, CH Southcross Road To Independence, Indee, bred & finished by Sonny Lelle of Austin, TX.  Indee has his CDX o
bedience title and his AX and AXJ agility titles.  In Spring, 2002 I got my latest addition…a little girl schnauzer named Hillock Song of the Lark. She has her Novice Jumpers with Weaves agility title and will be starting her obedience career this Fall.  Lark leads me a merry chase and I’m sure I’ll have lots of adventures with her to share with the list.

My best obedience dog so far has been Royce....Hillock Silver Shadow, UD. He was a sassy little guy whom I lost to old age in 2000.  I've bred three litters and kept Higgins' son Slick who has his CDX and his MX and AXJ agility titles. I also kept Ernie who died of cancer in 1998 at age two.

In addition to showing in Obedience and Agility, I judge Obedience Trials and am approved through the Utility level.  I am currently the Director of Training for my club, the Oshkosh Kennel Club, where I occasionally teach obedience handling and agility.


This picture is 
Indee, me & Slick

Updated August 17, 2004