Madelyn Carlin

Hi, I'm Madelyn Carlin. I was born and raised in New York City where I've always lived except for my college years which were spent in upstate New York, Montreal and Switzerland.   I studied several foreign languages and work in the travel industry arranging educational trips for alumni and museum groups to destinations all over the globe. 

I have always loved dogs but growing up had to make do playing with friends' and cousins' dogs  since my mother was afraid of dogs.   Five 1/2 years ago after babysitting a few times for my friends' miniature schnauzer,  I was hooked!  Four months later, I was the proud mother of a 15 week old  B/S puppy from Blythewood Kennels.   I realize now how little I knew then.   I have learned so much from "on the job training" and from my 3 1/2 years on the Hoflin MS List.  

I have attended several obedience classes with my mini, Rosie and she has passed the CGC test twice.  We recently graduated from therapy dog classes and hope to begin visits at a nearby hospital  soon.  Our latest challenge has been agility classes which are really fun and build on the commands we learned in obedience.   We enjoy participating in the ASPCA and American Cancer Society dog walks as well as other  dog events in our area.   Whenever possible, I attend dog shows such as the Westminster Kennel Club Show and the Montgomery Kennel Club Show.

I volunteer at the ASPCA as an adoption counselor and dog socializer.   I am also a foster home with the New Jersey Schnauzer Rescue Network and have fostered my several schnauzers in the past year.  It has been a heartwarming experience providing a safe haven for them and watching them find a forever home. 

In my spare time, I enjoy sampling the many restaurants in New York, antiquing, hiking and reading. 

Updated 2/15/02