A Special Thanks To Our Former Web Builders



 Bonnie Nichols Morris 

Web builder during the construction and development of this website.


Bonnie was one of the original web builders for minschnauzer.com.  She was there to take over the construction of our website when we needed her.  It was her technical skill and hard work that got our site up and running.

Bonnie, thank you for all of your help in the beginning stages of development. You helped make it the outstanding site it is today! Your efforts will be appreciated every time a  schnauzer lover visits our minschnauzer.com website.






 In Memory Of  Karen Tucker  

Web builder from  2001-2003 

Karen Tucker passed away on June 21st of 2003 at the age of 59


Karen posing with Tina and Maggie before the Krewe Des Chiens Barkus 2002 Mardi Gras parade.                                                                                                      


Karen will always be remembered by the moderators and members of the Hoflin Mini Schnauzer list. Her sudden death was a shock to all who knew her.  She made minschnauzer.com what it is today and was a wonderful friend to many.  Karen devoted much of her time to refining and developing our website.  This site is, in itself, a memorial to her.   She is missed very much by all of her friends and family.


 Louisiana Nurse of the Year Award was presented to Karen Tucker  in 2003. 



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