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Subject: The Down Position

Keep one thing in mind concerning the down position and how the dog goes to the down position.  There are two ways for a dog to go from a standing position to the down position and depending on how far you a wanting to go in  obedience the type of down you teach can make a difference in your score.   Most instructors teach down from a sit which causes the dogs front paws to  extend as the dog goes down.  This also conditions the dog to think first sit  then down.  Miniature Schnauzers have a habit known as the "Schnauzer Down,"  the chest is not touching but the front legs are extended.  Most Judges are  aware of this and two weekends ago my wife's dog was down viewed from the side  by myself and the ring stewards but the judge standing behind the dog NQ the  dog because he, I think, assumed the dog was not down.

The down I teach starts in the stand position and the entire dog rocks back,  withers and all and it looks like the dog instantly collapses to the floor.  A very fast down and a great help in preventing the "Schnauzer Down".

Clay and Nancy Lincoln
Lee, Bow and Rocky
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Your list members may be pleased to learn that we have restarted doing obedience stats (after a several year absence) for year 2000!  We have launched a new all-breed obedience publication (starting Summer
2000), which will have the Top 25 Obedience Dogs in each breed by 2 systems.  We will be updating the top 3 dogs in each breed by 2 systems on our website (January 2000 results were just posted about an hour ago).  There is a link to OBEDIENCE TOP DOGS off of the Hoflin home page (  :-) 
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In reply to starting Obedience class and carrying treats, keep in mind any visual container for treats, bait bag, apron or other which tells the dog "I have treats" is not the best idea.  Bait bags are a no-no in our competition classes.  Treats are not allowed In the obedience show ring.  The ideal place to carry treats is in your very own mouth, thus every treat presented comes from your mouth to his and guess where he will be looking.  A wonderful help for getting and keeping attention which is VERY important.   Granted we now have a restriction on the type of treat used.  The majority of our students who keep treats in their mouths use hot-dogs cut in quarters lengthwise then cut in 1/4" pieces or string cheese cut in pieces.  Just three or four pieces in mouth at a time.  If the texture of hot-dog pieces is not your to your liking the microwave will help dry the outer surface.  Attention is the single most important factor in obedience competition.  If treats held in the mouth are not your bag please email me for other suggestions.

Clay and Nancy Lincoln,  Lee, Bow and Rocky