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Annie Mae Buckwheat
1988 -2002 10/11/1987 - 7/26/2001
"Best Dog in the World" "My Grumpy Old Rescue Who Kissed the Best"
Loved Forever by Carol Baker St. John & Strudel Loved & Missed by Sunny Arruda
Prancer Cassie Jo
12/21/1996 - 7/14/2001 12 Years Old
"The light of Her Daddy's Eyes & Momma's Little Peeper. She Left Too Soon" "Life's Short, Bite Hard"
Loved by Charlie & Cindy Stoll Loved by Charlie & Cindy Stoll
Monti Cybill
10/19/1990 - 11/20/2002 9/26/1985 - 7/25/2002
Came into our home at 9 yrs old and accepted us as his family with ease. Monti was all a dog should be. "My Wonderful Girl"
Loved by & Missed by Diana Lutz & Family Loved & Missed By Linda Melamed
Tucker Mutley
11/1987 - 10/2001 6/27/1987 - 11/2/1999
"He Was his Mom's Sweet Boy. She Misses Him Every Day" "Our Soul Mate. Our Love of Schnauzers Began With Him"
Loved & Missed by Angie Choate Loved & Missed by Sherry Babington
Bo Heidi Sue
4/27/00 -  1/3/04

Adopted by Ernie and Nancy


My little boy, Bo, passed last night. He lost his struggle with his horrible kidney disease. I had to release him from his suffering. He was only 3 1/2 years old and we had worked through this all of his life. "You were our very first Schnauzer, we loved you then, love you now and will always remember and miss you....."
He achieved no titles during his life, but had something much more important than any title.....he had my heart. He took that with him when he passed. Life will never be the same without my little boy.
Godspeed BoBo. We'll miss you..... Loved and Missed by Ernie & Nancy Baker
Loved by Sheri Bailey
Greta Sue and Gretchen Ann Weezie
   C-Mark's StolRHrt Liz's Starr

3/11/1992 - 9/7/2004  and  3/11/1992 - 7/29/2000


"The two sisters that opened our hearts and walked

right in and are still in there... Our heart Furkids.... "


It is with a heavy heart I am writing. Our Weezie left her earthly body at shortly after 9:10 CDT

this June 27th morning.
She was so little & although she was part of our lives just for 2 weeks, she was family & we adored her...
Sweet Dreams Weezie & I know our other furkids that left before you, met you at the Bridge.
This is the last picture we got of her, she had swiped Charley's slipper & had staked a 'claim' on it.

Loved and Missed by Ernie & Nancy Baker


Loved by Charlie & Cindy Stoll


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