This Thursday night around midnight, my husband Bob, my youngest daughter Jenny and her husband Brad, (and me too, of course!) will be heading out for Oklahoma City to pick up a MS who needs a new forever home! We are S-O-O-O excited! His name is Fred, and his current owner is having to place him in a new home because he is very jealous of her new baby and also because she doesn't have enough time to give him all the attention he needs/wants. He is 6 years old, neutered, black and silver (but is now gray), with natural ears that fold down just perfectly! He loves to play with toys, is a "world traveler" (they were stationed in Germany), and likes to play with other dogs. He weighs 25 he will need to be on a diet for a little while. We will be driving from Birmingham, AL to OKC which will take approx. 14 hours. While some of you might think we are nuts to be going so far to get a dog, it isn't the first time for us! Some of you may remember that last March, Bob and I traveled to Little Rock, AK to meet Caroline Nolin of Schnauzer Rescue of Tulsa, to pick up our Greta. It was the very best trip we have ever made. That little girl has brought more love and fun into our live than we could ever have imagined! While I was growing up my mother always told me that "You get out of life what you put into it." And although I always hated it when she said that, she was right! The effort we put into that trip last March has been more than repaid by all the love our Greta has given us! Don't let a long distance trip be the thing to put you off on adopting another MS, because believe me, you will not regret it! Marty Morgan Birmingham, AL
Beamer (Oh no, not another oneMom!!)
Greta (Did you say he plays ball, Mom? YEAH!!!)