Dear list friends, I know dog's aren't supposed to write to the list but as I was telling his story, It just sounded better to be put in the form of a letter from Dusty. Actually both Tina & Shadow Marie had written privately to Dusty and that's how the story got started.  It's a little long but I hope you like it.
Dear Tina & Shadow Marie,
It was very nice of you to write to me.  I used to be very lonely and stinky and I didn't have any friends.  Then I got taken out of that place and brought to dog jail but I wasn't a criminal, I was in protective custody which means the police didn't like my old people either.  But then I heard them say that no one would want to take me because I was so messy so maybe I would have to go to sleep.  Man, I'm not sure what that meant but it didn't sound very good!
Then this nice lady came along and stopped in front of my kennel and asked the officer if anybody had called Sunny yet and they said no because I was still on hold but I could be released the next day.  The next day the nice lady came back and said I was going to Sunny's house and she put me in a crate in her car and fed me small pieces of boiled chicken that she made just for me!
I went to Sunny's work and she came out and she called me sweetie and beautiful.  She even kissed me and hugged me even though I was all tangly and really stinky.  Then I got in the crate in her car and she gave me some more of the nice lady's chicken pieces.  We drove for an hour and I was so excited to get to Sunny's house.  She has really neat rocks and plants in front and she let me pee on all of them!
Sunny said it was too late to do much about cleaning me up right then or I would get too cold so she made me a nice bed in a big crate (for German Shepherds!) and she put lots of blankies in it and let me sleep there and guess what, I got to sleep in the house for the first time in my whole life!  Then I got to meet Stanzee the next day.  She sure is pretty.  She let me sniff her butt and didn't even get mad!  So we hung out together in the yard but Stanzee said I was stinky and not to kiss her or try anything so I didn't.  I just kept looking at her.  I never saw anything so pretty.  She was a schnauzer just like me but she had really soft and clean fur and a super cool looking hair cut!  I never saw anything like that before! 
Then Sunny came home from work and said it was time to go for a ride and she took me to Aimee's grooming shop.  Aimee is Sunny's daughter and she lives with Sunny too.  So they shaved all my dirty fur off and washed me with really good smelling stuff that made my skin feel better and killed all the bugs on me.  Then Stanzee played with me and said I was okay now.  She told me about how dogs come here and after a while they get really nice people who come and take them home and love them forever.  Stanzee said that she was in dog jail too once but Sunny came and got her out and then she got to stay with Sunny because she sucked up really good but for me not to try it because there were too many people waiting for mini schnauzers and it wouldn't be fair for Sunny to keep us all!
Then the next day Aimee took me to work with her again and trimmed around my ears and feet then brought me to meet the other people who worked there. There was a nice Vet who examined me and gave me a shot and I got sleepy. When I work up I was "fixed" and I didn't even know I was broken!
One day I went to a pet fair where all kinds of people came and petted me and played with me and talked about me but Sunny said they weren't right for me and to be patient for the right people to come.
Every day I got to sleep in the house in my warm comfy crate (Oh yeah, Sunny even cleaned it after I was washed and gave me better blankets, sheesh I only slept on the other blankets one night, they weren't that bad but Sunny said they were too dirty for a clean dog like me).  Every day I got to play in the clean yard with Sunny and Stanzee and I learned how to chase a squeaky ball. That's fun.  Stanzee even let me be the one to get it!  I got to watch TV and cuddle on the couch with Sunny, me on one side and Stanzee on the other. It's pretty cool.  I think I could work that remote thing if I saw it a few more times.  Today Sunny took me to a cool place called Springdale Kennels and there was a huge grassy place all fenced and 2 people were there and they were very happy to see me.  They are Mark and Marilyn and they cuddled me and held me and threw the ball for me.  They laughed at all my funny stuff and talked to Sunny for a long time.  They said they drove 7 hours to come see me and they were going all the way back tonight too!  I really liked them a lot and then  Mark left the yard and went to his car and I didn't like that.  I thought he was going away and I just met him and I really liked him and wanted him to be my special "right for me" person.  So I whined and barked and ran to the fence to see why Mark was leaving and guess what?  He came right back!! and he had a brand new leather leash and a beautiful new collar and he said it was mine!  Then they put it on me and Marilyn talked to Sunny some more and said  "who do I make the check to?" and Sunny petted me some more and told me Mark and Marilyn were the right people for me and I could go home with them now.  So I kissed Sunny good-bye and we all got in the Car (It's a cool new Riviera) and there was a crate just for me.  I got in and we drove off. Right now I am riding to my new home.  It's gonna be a long ride but I'll be very good and then I'll get to my new house and there I have an older brother named Kaiser waiting for me.  He's a mini schnauzer too!  It's really cool to be a rescue dog!  I hope that Marilyn and Mark join the list like Sunny told them to and then we can write again.  I like having friends!  This is a picture of Me and Mark & Marilyn, they are my parents! Woo Woo Dusty
Sunny (In San Jose)