Two weeks ago I told you about the schnauzer that was left in a night drop at the Clay Co. Humane Society, Brazil, IN.  I picked him up 2 Saturdays ago.  When I got him he looked like a wretched old man.  He really wouldn't open his eyes very wide.  He was very thin.  Had not been groomed in ages and his mattes were so tight against his legs that he didn't really want to walk.  Hair had grown and entangled around his nails almost bending one of them
back.  All he came with was a flea collar and a few fleas.  His skin was horrible and was losing alot of hair on his back.  He slept all the way home.
On that Monday I took him to the vet.  He is approximately 12 yrs old and 12.8 lbs.  He has cataracts.  He can see "alright" but he does get used to his surroundings VERY quickly.  I believe his hearing is very good.  He walks
with his back hunched up.  Vet said he has some sort of "scrunching" of his spine.  I believe that that might have been caused by being confined to a very small area.  I truly feel that he was kept mostly as an outside dog.  :-(  Vet gave him an anti-inflammatory, tar shampoo, flea/heartworm meds and
thyroid meds because his thyroid was low.
Sooo...after 1 day, 2 days, 3 days Buddy, which is his new name and which he very proudly responds to is doing GREAT!!!  He wags his tail when you say "HI BUDDY!!"  I believe that he didn't open his eyes very much because he was in pain.  After taking the meds for a couple of days you can see in his eyes that the pain is gone!!!  He has a steady diet and LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE!!  I even caught him running down the hall the other day. He lets us know when he has to go outside EVERY time.  He has never had an
accident.  He sleeps ALL night.  This pic is before I groomed him.  I have only cut out all of the mattes on his legs.  I will send an "after" pic. It was just the most amazing thing to see this little guy go from BAD to GREAT!  All it takes is a little attention and love. That's all these dogs need.  Buddy is a success story.
Toni Walker