Mr. Bigglesworth

I have another rescue story to share.  For those of you who cry at my stories, get your tissues out now.  This is a sad or sweet tail, depending on  how you look at things.
Once there was a lady with an English Bulldog who married a man and had a
baby.  She lived happily for 2 years and then one day decided she needed a mini schnauzer puppy and rushed to find the first available one.  She soon obtained the puppy of her dreams.  A darling black mini with a wonderful personality.  She didn't like the breeder much, thought they had way too
many dogs breeding, knew they weren't showing or testing the parents but she  wanted the puppy bad and so she bought him and helped the breeder to make another $250 from her dog's labor.
The lady raised the puppy well and neutered him as soon as she was supposed to.  She treated him with kindness and love.  She taught him manners and made  him one of the family.  She named him Mr. Bigglesworth. 
Mr. Bigglesworth thrived and played with the old Bulldog until one day, the lady's 15 yr old brother came to live with her.  At the same time, the lady found out she was once again pregnant.  She became overwhelmed with her
situation and decided getting rid of one of the dogs would help ease her life.  She wouldn't part with the 8 years old bulldog because she knew not many would want a dog that old of a breed not known to live very long so she
 chose to give up Mr. Bigglesworth who was now 11 months old.  On a Friday Morning she went to the Schnauzer Rescue Message Board and found my name.  By Friday afternoon, she had delivered Mr. Bigglesworth to me, with  nothing but his collar and a very bad haircut.  There was a man named Mike who decided he needed a dog to share his life with so he went to his local shelter.  There he found a mini schnauzer who was listed as a 4 yr old adult.  He didn't know anything about mini
schnauzers, and he looked at all the other dogs.  He found many dogs he was
familiar with but he kept being drawn back to the schnauzer.  He adopted the  schnauzer and realized he had made the best decision he could have made. He  took his new friend to his vet for a checkup and was told the dog was at  least 14 years old!  But this didn't matter to Mike.  He took his dog everywhere with him.  He taught him how to sail and bought him his own life jacket.  He loved his dog with all his heart and they lived life to the
fullest every day they had together.  Mike realized that the only breed for him would be the mini schnauzer. After a year and four months, the old dog began to have trouble walking and seemed to be in pain.  On Friday Morning, the old dog couldn't get up anymore and he whimpered in pain.  Mike took his friend to the vet and gently released him from his pain.   Mike cried all the way home.  Through his tears, he found the Schnauzer rescue Message board and he called me and left a message that he needed a mini schnauzer to love.  I was out at a board meeting on Friday night so I called Mike on Saturday morning.  I told him about Mr. Bigglesworth.  I liked Mike over the phone
and I thought this would be a great home for Biggs.  But, Mike lived a long way away and my pet fair was schedule to start in 1 hour!  Mike said he was going  to make it, he said he had to.  I stalled around and made it to the pet fair a few minutes late.  I took my time setting up my crates and unloading my poodles.  People saw Mr. Bigglesworth through the window of my car and began crowding around me, asking about the schnauzer.  I made excuses and asked to be allowed to get
set up before I could talk to them.  I made excuses about the weather being to hot to leave the dogs in the car.  The people understood and they waited.   I got the poodles into their wire crates and took Biggs for a long potty walk.  By the time we got back some of the people who were asking about him had left.  I shouted to the crowd, "Is there anyone here named Mike" but
there wasn't.  One lady was very persistent and finally I told her I wanted to wait for a
man who was coming from a very long way.  I felt it would be unfair to make him drive all the way to find the dog already adopted.  She was a little miffed and asked me what if he didn't show up?  Indeed that could happen but  I felt I just had to give him more time.
Nearly an hour passed.  The people interested in Biggs were now all gone.  I  began to wonder if I shouldn't have talked with some of them as it looked like Mike had stood me up.  Suddenly a big man came rushing up and asked for  Me!  I asked if he was Mike and he nodded his head, out of breath, from
running through the parking lot.  I pointed to Biggs in his crate and said "You won't believe how hard I had to fight the people off, to save him for you."  Next thing I knew, I was wrapped in the arms of a sobbing man who
kept  saying "he's so beautiful!"  I brought Biggs out of the crate and Mike  scooped him into his arms like a baby.  Biggs kissed Mike's face.  The picture is of Mike and his new friend, Mr. Bigglesworth, who will get his own life jacket and learn to sail. Best regards,
Sunny, in San Jose