Subject: Re: Snickers, a rescue, Learns to play
I've mentioned our Snickers before on the list, but since rescue dogs have come up again, I want to tell you some things that Snicky has finally learned.  He was so afraid & growly, would snap at my husband if he moved quick, didn't seem to know how to play with humans,.i.e. he'd play with a ball, but never bring it to one of us and didn't know "fetch" etc.

Well, just the last month he is finally playing nicely with Dad, and no longer regards tussling on the floor as a reason to growl, be angry, or defensive. Now he plays with Franny and both like playing rough house with Dad.

And our little guy also wants to be held or at least sprawl out on the couch and fall asleep snoozing on one of our bodies. Before he didn't care for human touching.  We tried putting him on the bed at night when he first Franny, but he wanted down. Now, he doesn't wait for an invitation. He is truly becoming part of our family.

We've had Snicky since Feb, but it's just been in last month that he has become so affectionate and more secure. My hubby has also retired so I think spending extra time with him
has contributed to his being a happier pup!
September 1999  Irene Moon