This is Buckwheat, one of our
 many rescue dogs.

Bucky was a 10 year old, black, mini when I got the call about him.  The woman said her mother died six months before and now her father had just passed away, leaving his beloved Buckwheat behind.  The dad had Alzheimer's and he really loved his dog so every time Bucky asked for food the dad jumped up and fed him a can of "Mighty Dog" because he had forgotten that he had just fed him and boy did that dog love Mighty Dog.  He also saved part of each of his own meals for Bucky because it made Bucky so happy.  He weighed 49 lbs. the day I met him.  Dad refused to eat  or to take naps without his dog.  Dad wouldn't go outside without his dog.  Now Dad was gone and all three daughters had their limits of dogs.  Buckwheat also was epileptic, 2-3 small seizures weekly.  His teeth looked like children had molded them from old brick colored clay.  His cholesterol level was 350, his lipid level was very high, his thyroid level was very low, his heart beat was very slow.  His belly dragged the ground, his tail sunk into the fat on his butt and you couldn't see a penis at all.  He peed in the house where ever he wanted because Dad forgot to let him out regularly.  He was spoiled, indulged and stubborn.  The vet said he should be put down due to all the medical and behavioral issues.  But they called me anyway.  I agreed the dog was unadoptable and would probably die of a heart attack at any moment but I agreed to take him, knowing full well he would be retired here.  I also made it clear I would euthanize him if I thought there was no real quality left to his life.  They agreed with me and handed him over, along with a trust fund of $1000 to help with his medical needs.  We got him on thyroid meds and California Natural reduced calorie food, 1/2 c. twice a day and a few carrots for treats.  Six months later he weighed 25 lbs. and the vet said stop there. He has a sweet tail that sticks straight up and wags a mile a minute.  He has a trim waist line and no more pot belly.  He hasn't had one single seizure since coming here and all of the blood levels are within normal.  He still has a very slow heartbeat but we held our breathe and had his teeth cleaned after he was in good shape otherwise.  He came through with flying colors, missing 10 teeth and immediately his swollen lymph nodes began to reduce and he came to life.  He is bouncy, playful, kissy, grumbly, housebroken and is my husband's "son". We have had him a year and a half now and we love him dearly.  When once I thought we would have him only a few months I now look forward to a few years.  He still has $600 left in his trust fund.

Sorry for running on.  The picture is Bucky taken at dinner time today at 11 1/2 years old.