I would like to introduce my little rescue, Gentleman Oakley.  He still looks frightful, his grooming needs a lot of touchup, but I am still learning and slow at it, so when he appeared to be getting tired, we quit.  We will work on it again in a couple of days.  I can see him gaining strength every day, and he is eating Sunny's Miracle Diet with great gusto!  I am still having to keep him quarantined, so we take several short walks a day, and take time to stop and "smell the roses" along the way. (He does quite a bit of watering them too! <G>) I would like to thank all of you for your prayers and good wishes for Oakley and me. A very special thank you to you, Nancy <G>. I really need no accolades for taking care of this mild and friendly little dog, I know that if any of your could meet him and spend 10 minutes with him, you would be willing to do the same.  He is quite extraordinary.  I will send another picture in a few weeks, and hopefully you will see remarkable improvement in him.  It's amazing what good nourishment does for body and soul.  Regards,
Candace, Emma, Tanner, and now Oakley

I am filled with tears of sadness and joy this evening.  Candace & I talked about Oakley's condition and his spirit and I am so glad she is able to keep  Oakley with her for his last days.  I have met Candace and I know Oakley will spend the rest of his life in comfort, love and joy.  He will be treated like the dignified gentleman that he is.  He will know, once again
the love and  companionship he knew once in better days.  He did not die as a stray on the  streets, or in the Oroville Shelter, where he was taken after being picked up by AC.  God held this little dog safe for a reason, even with all his infirmities, I believe because Oakley has one more assignment to complete for the Master.  My phone rang with a call from the
Oroville shelter one minute before I left for work rather than one minute after. I have never been called from Oroville before. Candace was signed on to her computer when I needed to find help in her area.  Candace never hesitated when she agreed to get Oakley  out of the Shelter.  Candace learned about rescue the hard way.  Oakley will complete his assignment in love and warmth.  Candace will never be the same.  From the depths of my soul, I admire you Candace.  Thank you for the little dog who sleeps peacefully in your house tonight and may he have many more
nights in that very place.
God bless you, John, Emma, Tanner and Oakley on this bittersweet journey.
Sunny  San Jose, CA