How To Subscribe

Click here to access Yahoo Groups subscribe webpage. Scroll down and complete the online form for subscription. Be sure include your e-mail address.

There are two forms for subscription: regular, which delivers individual posts to you as normal e-mailings, or digest, which delivers ALL of the day's posts to you in a single e-mail "package." The subscription order form allows you to choose which method of "delivery" you prefer.

After you send in your subscription request, you will receive a reply from the automated subscription service asking you to reply to the confirmation letter. Simply hit "reply" and copy the coded message line that confirms your desire to subscribe.

If you plan to be away from your computer for an extended period of time (vacations, for example) we do suggest that you temporarily unsubscribe from the list so that your e-mail does not fill your box and begin "bouncing" back to the Yahoo server. If this happens, we will be obligated to unsubscribe you to prevent problems with the server itself.

You may also use the order form described above to unsubscribe from the List, or to change the form (from digest to regular, etc.) of your subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I change my subscription form?
Simply go to the Yahoo Group/Pets/ MINIATURESCHNAUZER site and use the order form to first unsubscribe your current subscription method and then re-subscribe to the new method.

How can I unsubscribe from the List?
Just go to the site. Just "unsubscribe" and complete with your screen name and e-mail address. Please note: It may take 24-48 hours to STOP the List e-mail from arriving in your mail box. Please be patient. We are dealing with internet e-mail!!!!

What if I am going to be away for an extended period of time and can't check my e-mail?
Please unsubscribe temporarily until you return. It is easy to subscribe again using the form on the Yahoo Group page.

What if I haven't received any e-mail from the List in two or three days?
With the incredible growth of the internet it seems that the service
providers are struggling with the over-abundance of e-mail. We (the moderators) receive messages from members quite frequently regarding problems with both sending and (mostly) receiving the mail from the List. Since we have no control over the many service providers, the moderators can only inform Yahoo of the problems and hope that they will be resolved.

How can I send a photo to the List?
There are strict rules for sending photos through the Yahoo server. First, the files must be in .gif or .jpeg form. Most importantly, the SIZE of the file being sent must be 64K or less. You will need to scan your photo and then convert it to .gif or .jpeg. Check it in your viewer before attaching it to your post for the List. Photos for the list do not need to be scanned at highest resolution. Reducing the resolution sometimes helps in reducing file size.

I can't receive the photographs that are sometimes attached to the e-mail posts. Can I do anything about that?
Some e-mail services simply do not allow photo (or any kind of file) attachments.  Others place limits on the size of the attachment file. Contact your service tech person and ask what the limitations may be.

If you are using AOL or another large internet provider (such as Netscape or MS Explorer), you should be able to view most of the photos either automatically as you download with no problem or by saving the file and then opening it in a photo viewer on your computer. You can download photo viewers as shareware for free on the internet, or through AOL download files.  To find a shareware viewer, go to and do a search for a simple viewer.

Subscribers using the DIGEST FORM will not be able to view photos. (Attachments are not forwarded by the Yahoo server on Digest mail.) Additionally, photos are not archived due to space limitations. Only those individuals receiving individual posts from the List will receive attached photos IF their own ISP allows attachments.

I sent a post but I haven't seen it in the mail distributions in 48 hours.  What should I do?
Contact one of the moderators. Usually this means the post was simply overlooked. However, occasionally a post will be lost or there will be some question as to its content. The moderators can help.

What is the List Roster?
The List Roster is published occasionally by Kennalea Pratt, one of the moderators. It is a list of all the members of our group who have given permission to publish their personal information. Watch for posts from her concerning upcoming publications. NOTE: Members who do not submit their personal information to Kennalea will NOT be included in the Roster. Please submit your information using the outline suggested below:

Kennel Name (if using one):
Mailing Address: (optional)
Email Address:
Phone: (optional)
Web page URL (if any):
Add a statement giving permission for your personal info to be used on the Hoflin roster!

What about copyright?

There are two points to remember concerning legalities on the List. Quite often we see "dog information" in other places on the 'net, or we have something we want to share.  Please be sure to include attribution either at the beginning or end of your post. You should obtain permission from the author if the information comes from another List.

The second item is that everything appearing on any Yahoo List becomes the property of the Yahoo List. Technically, anything original needs permission of the List owner before it can be reproduced. Photos are the property of their original owners and may NOT be copied.

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