It was a very special weekend for my mini Kalif's Kismet v. Camelot aka Kissy.  I've shown Kissy six weeks or so and had almost given up getting any points on this coat! This weekend my little girl went Best of Breed not once, but both days. What a thrill! I was so
jazzed to be able to take a mini to group for the first time. All the hard work I put into this beauty paid off. I had lots of help from wonderful mini people without whom I would not have been able to learn the grooming or even
acquire such a special little girl. Thank you to fellow list members Tom
Munyon (Kissy's breeder), Margaret Doty, Bev Pfaff, Glendora Norwood and Sandy Bonifield. You all are a great inspiration to me! I've learned that
the mini ring can be full of helpful just need to know who
to ask! Anyone interested in showing minis should not hesitate to give it a go! We had a ball this weekend!
Cornelia Whitworth