Ch. Daree's MO' Better Blues

Owned by Gwen Mulheron, loved by Carol Baumann.
I was surprised, to recently hear, that many  European shows are "benched".  The US only has 2 benched shows.  I didn't realize there were now so few.  Portland, Oregon has one in December, and of course, Westminster is benched.  Here, they furnish the benches (which are like a low, long wooden table)  The individual, group or club benches are normally decorated and decorations are judged, but most people furnish their own "containers".  They can either be in a wire crate, the bottom of a plastic crate, or just on the bench.  There are bolts to tie
a dog to, if you wish.  Here, 4 groups are shown on Saturday and the others and Best In Show are done on Sunday.  The conformation dogs are arranged according to their group and then, generally in breed alphabetical order.  I'm not sure exactly how the obedience section is arranged.

These shows are generally pleasant and relaxed (you must check the dog in by around 9AM and are not allowed to leave until about 5PM), with lots of
visitors.  In most cases, the dogs are never left alone for one minute, without someone watching them.