Linda Coates

Hi, I am the current web builder for our Hoflin List Mini Schnauzer Website. There has always been a dog in my life and I have always been an animal lover.  Most of the dogs that I have had were mixed breeds with the exception of my father's hunting dogs (Beagles, English Setters, Spaniels and Labs).  Schnauzers became an important part of my life when two tiny littermates came to join our family on my birthday in 1996.  Now, our first two, Sam and Missie have been joined by our youngest mini, Indy.

I have lived all over the United States as my husband, Bill, was in the Air Force until he retired from the military and went to work for a large aeronautical company 6 years ago.  I have lived in Iowa, Missouri, California, North Dakota, Illinois, North Carolina, Washington, Texas, and Oklahoma.  The places I have lived the longest are Iowa and Texas.

I have one son and two daughters.  We have six grandchildren in all.  At the moment I have one daughter at home during the summer college breaks, but she is now a senior at OSU and is engaged.  I have three darling pet quality minis, two black males and a female s/p, who are very much a part of our family.  I love schnauzers and think that the list is invaluable to all schnauzer lovers everywhere.  The information I have received from list members over the years has helped me many times.

Through the years I have been a manager of a boutique, a dental assistant, a teacherís aide, and artist. During the last twenty years I made the decision to be a stay at home mom and wife doing volunteer work in my community.  For the last three years I have been a director on my homeowner's association board overseeing the common areas for over 600 of its homes.  Needless to say, this took up a great deal of my time and now that I have decided not to run for a second term, I have time to do other things.  Working with computers is one of my hobbies along with, my dogs, watercolor painting, and computer graphic design.  Web building is a new skill for me and I am learning more about it everyday.  Since I have gotten so much from the Hoflin Schnauzer list and web site,  being its webmaster is just my way of giving back to all the great people associated with it.

I hope to maintain the quality of this website the same way it has been maintained through-out the years by all the other wonderful web developers that preceded me.

My Three Schnauzies



Indy and my daughter




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